Dear Tennis and Fitness Fans,

Tennis Inc has been in operation since April 2013. I am proud to introduce to you the first tennis program of its kind to provide new and innovative programs for youth and adults in Lebanon. Our programs and methods will incorporate our motto of ‘REAL. FUN. FIT’ and will be an exciting and easy ‘Grass Roots’ approach to the game while providing the foundations for a healthier lifestyle. Tennis Inc gives us the opportunity to work with the Lebanese community and make an impact by providing better programs for solid foundations and professional standards for the Lebanese youth and tennis fans.

At Tennis Inc, we put students on an accelerated track to learn the game of tennis comprehensively while providing a fun learning environment and experience for them. The students will learn many character building qualities such as integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, cooperation, competitiveness, and confidence. They will be developing their right and left brain development, agility skills, fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. A comprehensive learning approach will give our students a complete program from learning the techniques and strategies of the game to the physical development and mental development in which all are foundations needed for a healthier lifestyle.

We listened to the voice of the Lebanese community and Tennis Inc is here to fill the tennis gap by bringing insight and innovation that creates relevance from the brand and program standpoint. We believe in the power of tennis and sports because it defines us. Children and athletes remain at the core of what we do.

We're focusing on getting kids active in tennis and sports via schools and other venues by providing access to programs at a very early age. As we expand our list of partners throughout the community we will be more accessible. Making a difference and providing a proper foundation for the youth will enable them a tremendous amount of opportunity throughout the world as they grow and improve.

Tennis Inc has the programs, knowledge, and expertise to achieve these goals and we look forward to working with you and your children. We are committed to the future while creating the awareness and advancement of tennis and fitness for Lebanon’s youth and adults. The pathway is here and we have made the first step easily accessible for you and your children’s future.

Respectfully yours,

Ali Hamadeh

Former Lebanese Champion and Lebanese Davis Cup Champion, ATP Tour Professional.