Smash Hits

Smash Hits, a registered trademark of Tennis Inc, is a grass roots tennis program that introduces and teaches children ages 3 to 11 the proper techniques, fundamentals, footwork, and fitness, for an unshakable foundation.

Smash Hits puts children on an accelerated track to learn the game of tennis comprehensively while providing a fun learning environment and experience. Children will learn many character building qualities such as integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, cooperation, and confidence. Their development includes right and left brain development, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, agility skills, and a physical fitness. Our motto, Real.Fun.Fit, ensures that we keep it fun while learning the strategies and the game that will positively impact their lifestyle and last a lifetime.

Smash Hits programs operate according to age and level. This program uses RED Balls and RED Courts for all of our classes. As stated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), ‘from 2012, the ITF Rules of Tennis states that no 10 and Under age group competition worldwide can take place using a standard, yellow ball; instead, a slower red, orange, or green ball must be used.’

The Smash Hits program follows the rules and recommendations of the ITF for the types of balls used, size of rackets used, and the sizes of the nets and tennis courts used. The curriculum and methods used are proprietary and created to put students on the correct path to learning and playing tennis. Tennis Inc is highly acclaimed and among the world’s best with this program.

As the students develop, grow, and improve they will be moved to the Easy Hits Juniors program where they are introduced to orange balls and orange court.

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