Easy Hits Adults

Easy Hits Adults, a registered trademark of Tennis Inc, is a grass roots program that enables adults of any age to have an exciting and easy pathway to learn and develop the game of tennis.

Easy Hits Adults ensures the incorporation of Tennis Inc’s motto, Real.Fun.Fit, while enhancing technique, fundamentals, footwork, and fitness for a more enjoyable tennis experience that lasts a lifetime. The development includes right and left brain development, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, agility skills, and physical fitness, with the understanding and goal of improving each student according to their expectations. Tennis Inc’s innovation and implementation of this program will have students playing tennis in very little time. It is never too late to start the sport of a lifetime!

The Easy Hits Adults program is fun and developmental at many levels catering to beginner and intermediate skill sets. We use red, orange, and green balls on the orange and green courts. The curriculum is designed to take students at any level and instantly improve their game. Tennis Inc is a pioneer and world leader with this program. There are no other programs worldwide like this one.

The student’s level determines the court size and ball color. As our students improve and move through the different ball colors they transition into the Advanced Hits program.

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