Easy Hits Juniors

Easy Hits Juniors, a registered trademark of Tennis Inc, is designed for juniors 11 to 18 years of age. The program is a grass roots approach to learning the game catering to beginner and intermediate skill sets as well as a continuation of the Smash Hits program.

Easy Hits Juniors ensures the incorporation of Tennis Inc’s motto, Real.Fun.Fit, while enhancing technique, fundamentals, footwork, and fitness for a more enjoyable tennis experience that lasts a lifetime. Students will learn many character building qualities such as integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, cooperation, and confidence. Their development includes right and left brain development, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, agility skills, and physical fitness, with the understanding and goal of improving each student according to their expectations.

The Easy Hits Juniors program is fun and developmental at many levels catering to beginner and intermediate skill sets. As mandated by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), we use red, orange, and green balls on the orange and green courts. The use of the different colored balls ensures that students understand how to hit proper strokes, use correct footwork, and enhances their concentration skills. As students grasp and complete the orange ball curriculum they are introduced to the green balls and green court. Tennis Inc is highly acclaimed and among the world’s best in this program.

The student’s level and skill set determines the court size and ball colour. As students improve from orange balls to green balls they will continue their development with the transition to yellow balls in the Advanced Hits program.

For more details about the differences between balls\courts colors check tennisplayandstay.com

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